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WT Natural Gas Generator Set Biogas Generator Set

WT Natural Gas Generator Set Biogas Generator Set

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Natural gas generator
Gas generator set
Natural gas generator set
Biogas Generator set
Biogas Genset

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WINTPOWER-Cummins Biogas Engine Data

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Genset Model: WTGH500-G
Continuous power: 450KW
Frequency: 50HZ
Speed: 1500RPM
Voltage: 400/230V
Fuel gas: Biogas
Genset working condition:
1. Acceptable working conditions:
Ambient temperature: -10℃~+45℃ (Antifreeze or hot water needed for below -20℃)
Relative humidity:<90%(20℃), Altitude: ≤500m.
2. Applied gas: Biogas
Acceptable fuel gas pressure: 8~20kPa, CH4 content ≥50%
Gas low heat value (LHV) ≥23MJ/Nm3. If LHV<23MJ/Nm3, gas engine power output will decrease and electrical efficiency will decrease. Gas doesn’t include free condensation water or free materials (the size of impurities should be less than 5μm.)
Relative humidity:<90%(20℃), Altitude: ≤500m.
H2S content≤ 200ppm. NH3 content≤ 50ppm. Silicon conent ≤ 5 mg/Nm3
Impurities content≤30mg/Nm3, size≤5μm, Water content≤40g/Nm3, no free water.
1. H2S will cause corrosion to engine components. It’s better to control it below 130ppm if possible.
2. Silicon can appear in engine lubricant oil. High silicon concentrations in the engine oil can cause heavily wear and tear on engine components. Engine oil must be assessed during CHP operation and oil type must be decided according to such oil assessment.
ComAp InteliGen NTC BaseBox is a comprehensive controller for both single and multiple gen-sets operating in standby or parallel modes. The detachable modular construction allows easy installation with the potential for many different extension modules designed to suit individual customer requirements.
InteliGen NT BaseBox can be connected with InteliVision 5 display screen which is 5.7” Color TFT display screen.

1. Support of engines with ECU (J1939, Modbus and other proprietary interfaces); alarm codes displayed in text form
2. AMF function
3. Automatic synchronizing and power control (via speed governor or ECU)
4. Base load, Import / Export
5. Peak shaving
6. Voltage and PF control (AVR)
7. Generator measurement: U, I, Hz, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, kWh, kVAhr
8. Mains measurement: U, I, Hz, kW, kVAr, PF
9. Selectable measurement ranges for AC voltages and currents – 120 / 277 V, 0–1 / 0–5 A 1)
10. Inputs and outputs confi gurable for various customer needs
11. Bipolar binary outputs – possibility to use
12. BO as High or Low side switch
13. RS232 / RS485 interface with Modbus support;
14. Analog / GSM / ISDN / CDMA modem support;
15. SMS messages; ECU Modbus interface
16. Secondary isolated RS485 interface 1)
17. Ethernet connection (RJ45) 1)
18. USB 2.0 slave interface 1)
20. Event-based history (up to 1000 records) with
21. Customer selectable list of stored values; RTC; statistic values
22. Integrated PLC programmable functions
23. Interface to remote display unit
24. DIN-Rail mount

Integrated fixed and configurable protections
1. 3 phase integrated generator protections (U + f)
2. IDMT overcurrent + Short current protection
3. Overload protection
4. Reverse power protection
5. Instantaneous and IDMT earth fault current
6. 3 phase integrated mains protections (U + f)
7. Vector shift and ROCOF protection
8. All binary / analog inputs free configurable for various protection types: HistRecOnly / Alarm Only
9. / Alarm + History indication / Warning / Off load /
10. Slow stop / Breaker Open&Cool down / Shutdown
11. Shutdown override / Mains protect / Sensor fail
12. Phase rotation and phase sequence protection
13. Additional 160 programmable protections configurable for any measured value to create customer-specific protections

WINTPOWER-Cummins biogas engine Gas Engine
Brushless, Self-excited, Leroy Somer alternator Alternator
ComAp IG-NTC-BB controller, with synchronization panel Control system
Plate heat exchanger for jacket water and remote radiator for intercooler Cooling system
Gas hand valve Gas train
Solenoid valve from Italy
Gas flame
Zero Pressure valve
HUEGLI gas mixer with MOTORTEC actuator (automatic AFR) Mixing system
ALTRONIC ignition controller and MOTORTECH ignition coils Ignition system
Batteries, battery charger, elbow, silencers and so on. Genset accessories
Engine parts books, Generator set maintenance and operation manual Documents
Alternator maintenance and operation manual
Controller maintenance and operation manual
Electrical drawings and installation drawings.

Model KD500-SPSynchronization Panel
Capacity 1000A
Air circuit breaker brand ABB
Controller ComAp IG-NTC-BB

1. Automatically parallel the gen-set
2. Automatically unload the gen-set
3. Programmed start and stop gen-set
4. Gen-set monitoring and protecting
5. synchronize gensets with national grid(mains)
d. 2x500kW gas generators in Colombia oil field, installed in May of 2012.Some of our gas generators reference projects
a.2x500kW gas generators in Nigeria, installed in October of 2012.
b.2x500kW gas generators in Russia, installed in December of 2011.
c. 2x250kW gas generators in England, installed in May of 2011.

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  • WINTPOWER biogas genset data
    Genset model WTGS500-G
    Standby power (kW/kVA) 500/625
    Continues power (kW/kVA) 450/563
    Connection type 3 phases 4 wires
    Power factor cosfi 0.8 lagging
    Voltage(V) 400/230
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Rated current(Amps) 812
    Gas genset electrical efficiency 36%
    Voltage Stabilized regulation ≤±1.5%
    Voltage Instantaneous regulation ≤±20%
    Voltage Recovery time (s) ≤1
    Voltage Fluctuation ratio ≤1%
    Voltage Wave aberration ratio ≤5%
    Frequency Stabilized regulation ≤1%(adjustable)
    Frequency Instantaneous regulation -10%~12%
    Frequency Fluctuation ratio ≤1%
    Net weight(kg) 6080
    Genset dimension(mm) 4500*2010*2480
    WINTPOWER-Cummins Biogas Engine Data
    Model HGKT38
    Type 4 stroke, water-cooling, wet cylinder liner, electronic-control ignition system, pre-mixed perfect mixed burning
    Engine output 536kW
    Cylinders& Arrangement 12, V type
    Bore X Stroke(mm) 159X159
    Displacement(L) 37.8
    Compression ratio 11.5:1
    Speed 1500RPM
    Aspiration Turbocharged & intercooled
    Cooling Method Water cooled by fan radiator
    Carburetor/gas mixer Huegli gas mixer from Switzerland
    Air/fuel mixing Automatic air/fuel ratio control
    Ignition controller Altronic CD1 unit
    Firing order R1-L6-R6-L1-R5-L2-R2-L5-R3-L4-R4-L3
    Governor type(speed regulating type) Electronic governing, Huegli Tech
    butterfly valve MOTORTECH
    Starting method Electric, 24 V motor
    Idling speed(r/min) 700
    Biogas consumption(m3/kWh) 0.46
    Oil recommended SAE 15W-40 CF4 or above
    Oil consumption ≤0.6g/kW.h


    Alternator Data
    Brand WINT
    Model SMF355D
    Continuous power 488kW/610kVA
    Rated Voltage (V) 400/230V / 3 phase, 4 wires
    Type 3 phase/4 wire, brushless, self-excited, drip proof, protected type.
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Efficiency 95%
    Voltage regulation ± 1 %(adjustable)
    Insulation class Class H
    Protection class IP 23
    cooling method wind-cooling, self-heat-rejection
    Voltage regulating mode Automatic voltage regulator AS440
    Compliant with international standards: IEC 60034-1, NEMA MG1.22, ISO 8528/3, CSA, UL 1446, UL 1004B on request, marine regulations, etc.
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