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WT Mobile Light Tower Generator Sets Lighting Tower Diesel

WT Mobile Light Tower Generator Sets Lighting Tower Diesel

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Mobile Light Tower
Diesel generator Light Tower
Outdoor Light Tower
Light Tower with diesel engine
Portable Light Tower
Outdoor portable lighting
LED light tower generator

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WT-L Diesel Powered

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The WT-L Series LED Mobile Portable Light Tower is a unique portable lighting solution for a variety of outdoor jobs perfect for work sites, special events, factories, mining, etc. Use the WT-L Series LED alone or connect it to other peripheral devices for greater flexibility and versatility. No harmful fuel emissions. The WT-L Series LED is powered by a standard 220V volt socket, generator or other light tower, making it a safe, clean option for a variety of temporary lighting.

WT-L Series from WINTPOWER is a unique portable lighting solution suitable for a variety of jobs, activities and projects. The WT-L Series LED provides the same powerful lighting as our full-size LED light tower, but its compact design allows for ultimate versatility and ease of use. Using one or two connecting towers, the connecting capability allows for flexibility and versatility in lighting events and workplaces, and, because it is powered by standard 220V outlets with no harmful fuel emissions, making the WT-L Series LED tower a clean and safe option for various types of temporary lighting

External mast line voltage is low, safer operation.
●  Power from 220V public power supply, generator or other minaret.
●  The 220V AC duplex socket can supply power for common field tools.
●  The smaller size and design fit open through standard doors.
Cost Effective
●  Lowest total cost of ownership for a lighthouse - no service interval no diesel fuel.
●  Small footprint, saving transportation costs.
●  Out of the box LED lights.
Easy To Use
●  WT-L Series LED can be set up by one person in less than a minute, saving time and manpower.
●  Ergonomically folded handles and additional casters are low for one-person operation.
●  Lockable side access door for internal storage, extension cords, and tools.
●  Forklift pockets and eye lifts for easy handling.

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  • WT-L Diesel Powered Mobile Light Tower SPECIFICATION
    Genset Model 50HZ PF=0.8 400/230V 3Phase 4Wire Yangdong Engine Model cyl displacement Battery Vol. Lighting Mast Tower Outriggers Dimension
    Standby Power Prime Power Cons 100%(L/H)
    KVA/KW KVA/KW L V W Type Type L*W*H mm
    WT-L Series 11/9 10/8 3 YD380D 3L M 1.357 6×400W LED Multi-Sections Telescoping mast.
    9.8 M
    360 Degree
    manual outriggers extended and all jack down , 185R/14”, Steel plate spring, Ring or Ball hitch 2360×1510×2450
    WT-L12 12/10 11/9 3.4 YD385D 3L M 1.532 6×400W LED 2360×1510×2450
    WT-L15 15/12 13/11 3.7 YD480D 4L M 1.809 8×400W LED 2560×1510×2450
    WT-L18 18/14 16/13 5.1 YND485D 4L M 2.156 10×400W LED 2560×1510×2450
    WT-L22 22/18 20/16 5.7 YND490D 4L M 2.417 12×400W LED 2800×1610×2450
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