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The reason  of the drawing cylinder for Cummins generator

We recommend that customers who buy Cummins generator sets should install self-protection control systems to avoid such large losses.
Insufficient running-in: To get effective running-in in the shortest time, the running-in time and load distribution must be considered. Under too low load even if a long time running-in can not be completed, and it will cause drawing cylinder during running in high load.  . Therefore, during the running-in period of the Cummins diesel engine should be noted: increase the amount of oil injection; The piston ring should be operated under low load for a period of time after replacement; The piston and cylinder cover should be run in after the new load operation.
Poor cooling: Poor cooling will cause the cylinder, piston temperature to be too high, and poor lubrication; It will make the piston and cylinder liner overheating and excessive expansion deformation, loss of the original normal clearance and cylinder.

Piston ring work is not normal: the opening gap is too small, the piston ring fracture; The gap between heaven and earth is too small, so that the piston ring is stuck; Too much carbon accumulation, so that the piston ring stuck in the ring groove lose elasticity, resulting in fracture or gas leakage; The opening gap is too large or wear is serious, and air leakage occurs. The leakage of gas destroys the lubricating oil film and makes the surface temperature too high. After the piston ring fracture, fragments easily fall into the piston cylinder, causing drawing cylinder.
Bad fuel: incomplete combustion brings more combustion residue; Cylinder lubrication alkali value is inappropriate. In addition, some diesel engines drawing cylinder due to long-term overload operation, thermal load increase, overheating expansion or poor alignment of moving parts.

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Post time: Apr-02-2022