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The correct use of diesel generator air filter

The diesel generator air filter assembly consists of air filter element, filter cap and shell. The quality of air filter plays a key role in the air filter assembly. Air filter is usually made of paper filter. This filter has high efficiency and low dust transmittance. Using paper air filter can reduce the wear of cylinder and piston and increase the service life of generator set. The correct use of diesel generator air filter should be kept in mind.
1.Cleaning method of paper filter element of diesel generator: when cleaning the air filter element outside the air filter, water and oil can not be used, but oil and water should be reduced to soak the filter element; The usual method is to gently pat. The specific approach is: gently knock the dust out, and then blow with dry compressed air below 0.4mpa. When purging, blow from inside to outside
2.Cleaning and replacement of diesel generator filter element regularly: according to the maintenance provisions, the diesel generator air filter element should be regularly cleaned and replaced, so as to avoid too much dust on the filter element, resulting in increased intake resistance, engine power reduction and fuel consumption rise. Clean the air filter element (inside and outside) every time you use one warranty, replace the outer filter element every 1000 hours, and replace the inner filter element every 6 months. If the filter element is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
3.3. Correct installation of air filter: When checking and maintaining the air filter element, the gasket on the filter element must be installed properly. The rubber gasket is easy to age and deform, and the air is easy to flow through the gap of the gasket, bringing dust into the cylinder. If the gasket is worn out, replace the air filter with a new one. The iron mesh outside the filter element should be replaced if it is broken or the upper and lower end caps are cracked.

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Post time: Apr-25-2022