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Safety protection work should be done when using diesel generator set

What safety protection work should be done when using diesel generator set? Now, The following points should be noted.
1.Diesel oil contains benzene and lead. When inspecting, draining or refilling diesel, take special care not to swallow or inhale diesel, as is engine oil. Do not inhale the exhaust fumes.
2.Do not place unnecessary grease on the diesel generator set. Accumulated grease and lubricating oil can cause the generator set to overheat, damage the engine, and even risk a fire.
3. Install a fire extinguisher in the right position. Use the correct type of fire extinguisher. Do not use foam extinguishers for fires caused by electrical equipment.
4. The generator set should be kept clean around and no sundries should be placed. Remove debris from generator sets and keep floors clean and dry.
5. The boiling point of cooling water under pressure is higher than the boiling point of general water, so do not open the pressure cover of the water tank or heat exchanger when the generator is running. Be sure to let the generator set cool and release the pressure before servicing.


Post time: May-13-2022