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Report about Wintpower new project completed — 12 units super silent Gensets

Its known that diesel generator Sets are typically designed to operate most efficiently at or near sea level under standard temperature and pressure (STP) conditions. Besides generators, all other appliances or devices are also conditioned to operate optimally. Any fluctuations in these conditions can cause equipment to operate at lower efficiency.

Environmental Factors Affect Generators

Three environmental factors affecting generator functions

1. Altitude

At high altitudes, falling air pressure reduces air density. This can cause problems with generator startup if not considered, as air is crucial for ignition in any type of generator. Another factor affected is the availability of ambient air to facilitate heat dissipation from the generator. The combustion process generates a lot of heat, which needs to be lost to the environment to lower the engine temperature. At high altitudes, the heat dissipates much more slowly than at sea level due to the low density of the air, causing engine temperatures to stay high for a while. Overheating of the engine is a common problem in such cases.

2. Temperature

High temperatures are also associated with lower air density and can cause similar ignition problems due to insufficient air supply. This places a burden on the engine to provide its own designed power. However, it cannot do so because there is not enough oxygen to burn. In many of these cases, the engine overheats and sometimes collapses completely.

3. Humidity

Humidity is a measure of the water content in a given volume of air. Under extremely humid conditions, water vapor in the air displaces oxygen. Low oxygen levels can impair ignition because oxygen is an element in the air that is ignited when fuel is burned in the engine.

In the beginning of 2022, a good new from Wintpower manufacture, we have already completed a bank project of 12 units super silent designed diesel generator testing, inspection and delivery. This is a long term project, which divided into different phases, now it is in the beginning phase after a long preparation with client.

The design of the generator canopy is for super silent running like 60dBa at 7 meters. Hopefully this project will start a new beginning of the new year. Regards!

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Post time: Jan-12-2022