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Precautions for generator sets on construction site

Generator sets for construction sites are usually used outdoors, but considering the dusty conditions, sun and rain, some users have doubts about whether the generator set can be used outdoors. It’s certain that generator set can be placed for outdoor use. But it needs to be equipped with corresponding devices to ensure the stability and normal operation of the machine. For generator sets used in outdoor construction, should be pay attention to the following points when purchasing and using:
1.It is equipped with a rainproof shed or a silent box device, which mainly to rain-proof and dust-proof.
2.If you need to move the power supply frequently, you can configure a mobile trailer.
3.Generally, it can’t be used in place the machine with the assembled box indoors or small space and poor air flow.
4.If it is used in a heavy thunder area, it is also necessary to take lightning protection measures.
5.Due to the large amount of dust in the environment, the generator set used on the construction site should be cleaned after daily use, including cleaning of oil and water impurities, dust, etc.
6.Appropriately shorten the cleaning and replacement time of the air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and corresponding filter element.
7.Be careful not to overload the machine, use the switch machine correctly, and do regular cleaning and maintenance inspections.


Post time: Jan-20-2022