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How to test the fuel injection pump and governor of diesel generators?

1.Test the sliding and radial sealing of the plunger coupler. The sliding test is to incline the plunger couple by 45°, cooperate with the plunger to form a plunger of about 1/3, and make the plunger rotate, and it is qualified if the plunger can slide down naturally. The sealing test shall test the air tightness of the diameter portion of the piston pair. In addition, the user can also use a simple seal comparison method, first align the used section of the plug groove with the position of the oil return hole, and then plug the large end face of the plunger and the other oil inlet with a finger. Then, the plunger is slowly advanced. When the end face of the plunger reaches the edge of the oil return hole (that is, the oil hole of the cover plate), observe the oil return hole, and there should be no oil foam and air bubbles. After a long time of use, the surface of the plunger is severely worn. Corrosion and peeling of the chute should be replaced. If there is rust on the upper end of the plunger sleeve, it can be repaired by polishing slowly on the flat plate with chromium oxide abrasive paste.

2.Check the exhaust valve and exhaust valve seat sealing cone for damage, dents and wear. If so, it can be repaired. First, aluminum oxide is applied to the cone and spun back and forth until it is completely sealed. The more serious ones need to be replaced. When the nylon gasket of the oil outlet valve pair is seriously deformed, it should also be replaced.

3.Check whether there is any concave deformation on the scapula plane of the installed plunger in the fuel injection pump. If there is concave deformation, it will affect the vertical degree of the installation of the plunger sleeve and the sealing of the scapula adhesive surface, resulting in poor plunger sliding and oil leakage.

4.According to the seriousness, check the wear of the roller body hole and camshaft cam in the fuel injection pump body, and decide whether to continue using or replace it.

5.If the fly iron angle and iron pin hole are seriously worn and should be replaced.

6.Other parts should be replaced if the wear is more serious, defect or fracture.


Post time: Feb-09-2022