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How to solve the problem that the diesel generator can’t stop normally?

Diesel generator sets need to be shut down after finishing the work, but sometimes due to long-term use, a key part failures, resulting in the unit cannot be stop normally. Here some reasons why generator can’t stop normally and the solutions.

1. A fuse in the junction box is disengaged. When this happens, just press the button on the fuse to reset the fuse.

2. Bad contact or line break, troubleshoot any break or bad contact faults, check the joint for oxidation, and clean it if necessary.

3. Stop button fails, replace the stop button.

4. Stop electromagnet failure, check and replace stop electromagnet.

5. The fuel shutoff valve is faulty. Find out the cause of the fuel shutoff valve failure and repair it.

6. The oil return pipe is blocked, check whether the oil return pipe is blocked, twisted or dented, and make it back to normal state.


Post time: Feb-26-2022