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How to set Schedule Exercise program for Deepsea Controller DSE7320

As it is well know that, most of diesel generator set is used for standby power generator or emergency output station when there is no national grid power. However our generator is powered by diesel engine, which should be started as regular exercise to warm the engine and exercise the function, in order to ensure the generator is ready to power the load when there is in need.

According to the market and user’s requirement, we concluded the following steps to set the generator schedule exercise. The generator is equipped Deepsea DSE7320 controller.


Steps 1:

Synchronize time in generator according to your local time, this is necessary and must do before setting exercise!!

Set program for Deepsea7320 Controller


Step 2:

Scheduler Options selected

DSE7320 Schedule Exercise


Step 3:

Choose the exercise plan

Generator regular exercise to warm the engine


Note 1: In MRS mode, if the remote start line in automatic mode is not connected, the unit will also be started according to the plan


Note 2: In AMF mode, even if the power supply is normal, the unit will start according to the plan, but the unit will not close and will shut down after the set time of operation

how to set generator schedule exercise


Post time: Sep-25-2023