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How to select diesel generator set by load power

Diesel generator sets can be used as prime rated and standby units. Prime generators are mainly used in areas such as islands, mines, oil fields and towns without power grid. Such generators require continuous power supply. The standby generator sets are mostly used in hospitals, villas, breeding farms, factories and other production bases, mainly to deal with power outages in the power grid.

To select a suitable diesel generator set through electric load, two terms must be understood: prime power and standby power. Prime power refers to the power value that a unit can reach within 12 hours of continuous operation. Standby power refers to the highest power value reached in 1 hour within 12 hours.

For example, if you buy a diesel generator set with a prime power of 150KW, its 12-hour operating power is 150KW, and its standby power can reach 165KW(110% of Prime). However, if you purchase a standby 150KW unit, it can only run at 135KW for a continue running time of 1hours.

Selecting a small power diesel unit will shorten the trial life and be prone to failure. And if choose large power will waste money and fuel. Therefore, the more correct and economical choice is to increase the actual power required (common power) by 10% to 20%.

The unit operating time, if the load power is same as the prime power of the unit, it must be shut down after 12 hours of continuous operation; if it is 80% load, it can usually run continuously. Mainly pay attention to whether the diesel, oil, and coolant are sufficient, and whether the value of each instrument is normal. But in actual operation, it is best to stop for a 1/48 hours break. If it runs on standby power, it must be shut down for 1 hour, otherwise it is prone to failure.

Generally, 50 hours after the first operation or overhaul of the diesel generator set, the oil and the oil filter need to be replaced at the same time. Generally, the oil replacement cycle is 250 hours. However, the maintenance time can be appropriately extended or shortened according to the actual trial conditions of the equipment (whether gas is blown, whether the oil is clean, the size of the load).

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Post time: Dec-30-2021