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How to analyze diesel generator failure?

Fault analysis of diesel generator set?

How to troubleshoot diesel generators?

Tips for Troubleshooting Diesel Generators?

Years of diesel power generator set testing working experience help us conclude the solution of trouble shooting as following:  

1.Engine high temperature
①Water pump is worn out

②Thermostat is damaged

③The fan belt and water pump belt are too loose

④Water tank is too dirty

⑤Low coolant

2.Excessive exhaust gas or white smoke is discharged from the lower exhaust pipe

①Excessive wear of cylinder components

②Water in the oil pan

③Drawing Cylinder

3. Diesel engine speed is unstable
①The fuel system is blocked by air or diesel grids

② Oil pump is damaged and oil supply is insufficient

③The speed control system is invalid.

4. Excessive diesel consumption

①Poor atomization of injector

② Excessive wear of piston cylinder liner assembly

③Poor fuel quality

④Valve leakage

⑤Supercharger failure


Post time: Jun-10-2022