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Function of intake and exhaust pipes in Cummins genset

1.The function of the intake pipe of the Cummins genset is to supply sufficient fresh air to each cylinder according to the working sequence of the diesel engine. The intake pipe is generally made of iron or aluminum alloy. The intake pipe and exhaust pipe are installed on both sides of the cylinder. If assembled on one side, the high temperature of the exhaust pipe will be transmitted to the intake pipe, which will reduce the density of air entering the cylinder and affect the intake air. At the same time, the inner wall of the intake pipe should be made flat and smooth in order to reduce the air circulation resistance.
2.The function of the exhaust pipe of the Cummins generator is to discharge the exhaust gas from the combustion chamber in accordance with the working sequence of each cylinder of the diesel engine. The exhaust pipes are made of iron. In order to reduce the exhaust resistance, the inner wall of the exhaust pipe should be flat and smooth, and the curvature of the exhaust pipe should be as small as possible, otherwise it will affect the output power of the diesel engine.
3.The function of cummins generator set muffler is to reduce the noise when exhaust gas. The muffler is generally made of steel plate and welded. When assembling, the muffler with a sloped outlet should be face down to prevent entry of rainwater or foreign objects.

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Post time: Jan-10-2022