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Daily maintenance method of mobile generator set

The basic maintenance of mobile generator set consists of six components. If the unit runs frequently, shorten the maintenance period to ensure that the unit is in normal working condition.

Clean and Maintenance. Clean the diesel engine, AC synchronous mobile generator set and control panel (box) and various accessories inside and outside the surface.
2. Tighten Maintenance. Check the connection or installation state of the exposed part of the mobile generator set, tighten the loose part if necessary, replace some missing or damaged bolts, nuts, screws and locking pins.
3. Repair and Maintenance. To check the technical state of each organization, instrument and assembly of the unit, and to maintain it according to quality standards or operating conditions when necessary. Such as valve clearance, fuel supply time, diesel oil pressure, etc.
4. Circuit Maintenance. Clean, check and repair electrical appliances and instruments, lubricate their moving mechanisms, replace some damaged or substandard parts and wires, check and maintain batteries, etc.
5. Lubrication and Maintenance. Clean diesel engine lubrication system and oil filter. If necessary, replace the filter element or filter and add grease (such as fans, bearings, etc.).
6. Additional Maintenance. To check the oil tank and pay attention to the amount of oil storage, according to the need to add diesel; Check the oil pan, pay attention to the quality and total amount of oil, if necessary to replace or add lubricating oil; Check the water tank, pay attention to the total amount of coolant, and replenish coolant if necessary.



Post time: Mar-21-2022