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Common Problems Solution in the use of diesel generator sets

1. Overdue maintenance, will result in excessively dirty oil, reduced viscosity, blocked filter, and insufficient lubrication, resulting in damage to moving parts and machine failure. The machine runs for the first 50 hours for the first maintenance, and then changes the oil, oil filter and diesel filter every 200 hours. Check air filter regularly when environmental hygiene is not good. Replace immediately if there is a problem.
2. Poor heat dissipation problem: the engine fan can not blow away the heat of the water tank as a result of environment issue, so that the water temperature rises. It will lead to lubrication oil temperature so that oil pressure is not enough, poor lubrication, resulting in the damage of the cylinder, piston, bearing bush and other moving parts affect the normal operation of the engine.
3. Personnel check problems: there must be a special person in charge to take care of it, so as to ensure that the machine has a long life. It is also very important to check all the machines when they are turned on, check regularly during operation, and make good inspection records. This common sense is the most important.

4. Overload problem: If a main rated prime power 100KW diesel generator is required, but the customer buys a generator with a 100KW standby power, which is definitely unqualified, Long-term overload operation is not good to the operation of diesel generators.


Post time: May-30-2022